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  • Originally Posted by Seat 4a Personally I prefer my skill pyjamas I have hand made in Paris. I take them with me everywhere I go. Where in paris?

  • If the colleagues are female- handcreams from local ingredients are really recieved eg juique... also we’ve had some sucess with hand carved wooden coasters. If you’re in Perth the shop in kings park has a great range of ideal australiana thats not tacky

  • Ok great thanks, will be flying emirate ( on qf ticket) perth tp paris, so will obviously need the larger car both ends. Have tried to establish with qantas my needs but they are passing buck to emirates and visa versa.

  • Hi- anyone with experience taking bikes on Emirates? Also whether the complimentary chauffeur will accomodate a bike or is there an extra charge? Thanks

  • Hi - i am qf plat ff and looking for advice on the best (most comfortable and shortest travel time) way to travel business perth / dallas/ paris/ perth using oneworld alliance airlines, looking to maximise sc's and points. Thanks,

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