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  • Qatar Airways SYD Connection

    Feb 15, 2020, 07:56 PM

    Further to Sibelius's post...Depending on how much time you have you could use either of the following to transfer from DOM to INT:Train: AirportLink ‘Terminal Transfer'. Cost is $6.70 and estimated travel time is around 3 mins.TBus: Free terminal transfer. Estimated travel time is 10-15 mins. Pu...

  • I've done JFK-CLT-ORD-CLT-JFK with AA in J for a few extra SC's. If you don't mind the extra bit of flying there are some decent options that aren't extravagantly expensive and give you enough time to go explore Chicago for a little while.I recall I earned 30 SC's for each flight, so that'd certa...

  • Qantas Transfer Sydney International

    Apr 03, 2019, 08:21 AM

    Failing the QF transfer (think you need a valid onward domestic ticket) you could always catch the free ‘T Bus’... beats having to pay for the train!

  • The Jumbo Jet - 50 years in the sky.

    Mar 21, 2019, 08:19 PM

    Who says it’s all no frills these days?Sign me up to LH B748 F any day! :)

  • Have had this happen to me recently on a trip to Broome. Booked and confirmed to fly in Business from SYD-PER-BME.The PER-BME portion was originally scheduled as a B738, though the whole schedule (not just my day) was changed to a B717 without a J cabin. The worst part was that this change wasn&r...

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