• Given this was never planned for, with all plans thrown out the window with COVID. I feel they have done a great job to create a good passenger experience, with short notice.

  • There are no airplane crashing in Australia, so should we stop wearing seat belts? My point is rules are rules and was disappointing to see the lack of compliance, even if small. Same issue happened on my return flight

  • Flew in row 4 with my wife and my middle child today. These seats are the extra leg room economy seats Virgin sold. Very disappointed that the entire row in front of us board without mask, and sat through the entire flight without mask. This would not an issue, expect one person didn’t stop...

  • I used this new lounge on the weekend. It was a massive step up from the old lounge, with empty seats everywhere and a large amount of staff on hand, assisting and cleaning. They have a more extensive food selection and is now one of the best lounges in Europe

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