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  • Hey guys just after some advice/thoughts on a return Jetstar Business <ax fare I have booked for October this year - my query is, do I cancel now for a full refund (-$50) or should I wait it out a little longer and see what transpires? My concern if it Jetstar goes 'bust' or stops issuing refu...

  • Originally Posted by Johnny9 I would actually consider arrival time into SYD. Personally I try to avoid the morning madness at all cost / hence would take the midnight flight out of SIN and arrive into SYD around 10am Not an issue as would catch a connecting qantaslink flight home from there.

  • Originally Posted by John Phelan I'd be more concerned about the 1 hour transit. If your incoming flight is delayed in any way, you'll be in trouble. Good point. If for example the flight was delayed an hour and impossible to make the first flight, how does qantas go about putting those connecti...

  • Cheers mviy. I will be flying mid April so hopefully the A380 will be going strong by then both ways.

  • Also what chance people think I've got of getting that FIRST upgrade for that SIN-SYD Leg? I feel those that have requested at the LHR end (start of the route) may have an edge? Unless a few from FIRST are only doing LHR-SIN then disembarking? Hmmm

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