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  • A380 almost gone!

    Feb 18, 2021, 10:07 AM

    Never a truer word spoken. The A380 is the ultimate flying experience.

  • Which Lounge does/will QR use in BNE?

    Dec 27, 2020, 09:15 AM

    It seems QR have advertised scheduled flights out of BNE next year. Can't recall Aus Gov approving the route(I may well have missed the news). Is it a given they'll use the QF lounge(if open); Which lounge are they using now as I presume the QF Int lounge is currently closed?

  • I think the silent majority agree with Joe! Think I do too when I've paid to be in J or F for the peace space and quiet.

  • No loss. The QF F lounge is more a business lounge. Poor, busy, crowded layout. Its really more a high end business lounge. Its def not at a Sydney Melbourne QF F Lounge standard!

  • What amazes me when I see parents bring crying babies or under 10 year olds into J or F is that the PARENTS don't enjoy their trip!? They are constantly trying to keep baby quiet, or running after the toddler or alternating feeding if both parents are there, reading stories, IFE or game assistanc...

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