• Exactly! Thats how it earned its name "Fake J"!

  • Just wondering do owe members eligible to use the "business suite" lounge upon arrival (as in the good old days)?

  • Its so true that for MH, apart from things in the air (which were absolutely amasing per my experience!), everything on ground are just rubbish!!!Their ground staff couldnt be more care less and their call centre agent often lie or provide inconsistent answers! But the title of most nonsense unit...

  • Sorry to hear that. Thats inline with what had happened to the majority.Mh just tried hard to fool their customers and I really dont understand why David technically giving MH a hand on this...

  • EXACTLY!!! Dont be silly about the "upgrade". Mh is so infamous about the bait and switch thing - last min cabin close and kick all "upgraded pax" to a random seat at the back. Many frds and myself had suffered already. The same had happened on couple of popular bloggers too.

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