• On a transcontinental flight which takes up most of the working day, I can be far more productive with internet access. If I feel like relaxing, then inflight internet certainly won't prevent me from doing so.

  • It's a shame that it wasn't JAL who ended up flying this route, as they have a much nicer 2-4-2 economy layout for their 787s. Still great news for Perth, though!Doesn't look like these flights are available for booking just yet. Anyone know when they'll be released?

  • Seems to be a sensible adjustment of expectations. The 4 class, 300 pax requirement always sounded like a stretch goal designed to push the airlines, without any real expectation that it would happen.

  • Business centres are well and truly obsolete these days. On the rare occasion that I use one (for printing as the article suggests), they're always deserted. Decent in-room internet and a comfortable chair are all I need to work from a hotel.

  • Five hours to SIN on a Jetstar A320? Let's mark that one as the masochist's option. The only winner here is Singapore Airlines.

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  • Jewel Changi Airport

    Apr 11, 2019, 05:23 PM

    Originally Posted by CityRail Jewel Changi Airport is due to open next Wednesday and preview is available between 11 - 16 April.May I ask has AusBT booked a preview for that?Also can I please ask for an outline of changes to inter terminal transport following the opening of Jewel? I am concerned...

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