• Once again, the only people that actually PAY for membership, - Qantas Club Members - can't access... gosh that annoys me!!!

  • We just need a monorail straight from the city to the airport via (above) the Tulla - no stops!!

  • ...and for that bloke that said it was "cheap" to be a Qantas Club (paid) Member, it's $399.00 joining fee plus $540.00 per single year membership fee or $980.00 for every two years!! And WE get shoved out of Singapore - pathetic Qantas, just pathetic!!

  • I am so sick of Qantas Club Members, who PAY THEIR OWN MONEY getting kicked in the guts by Qantas!!

  • There are not that many of us left that actually pay OUR OWN money for lounge access.. most people here don't pay for their own flights but get automatic entry based on status - then they don't agree that it's unfair when a fully paid Qantas Club Member gets bumped to the cheaper (or sometimes se...

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  • Any of you folks that don't want them please let me know.. I no longer get to fly F or J but my wife sleeps in the old ones every night - I'd love a couple of new pairs for her please....

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