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  • Chauffeur service for Qantas QF2

    Mar 26, 2018, 05:00 PM

    No Limo for the SYD SIN SYD or MEL legs sadly in F.

  • I qualified for Platinum One in early April 2017 for the first time with a year end date of April .. so to end of April 2018.  Been Platinum for the last six years & prior after a year or so Gold, & I am LTG,  so I was to see what Plat One would bring.I have been most impressed ...

  • Yes Nick.  I forgot QF8 ex BNE  Is agood option if you wish a Dom ride on the 747...timing a little unreliable at times.  BNE Lounge noting out of the box...mmm Can you use the Emirates Lounge here ? 

  • one likes the idea so far anyway...there has been several pages previously written.  Below is just one....I leave it for your thoughts

  • The Days of the First Int Lounge Domestic runs on QF / JQ is basically over. There are no QFs & only minimal JQs sectors available.These are the only sectors I can find.Time Day Flight Route08:25 08:50 - - -W - - JQ11 SYD-OOL 13:00 14:30 - M - - - - - JQ1 SYD-MEL17:20 18:50 - - - - - F -...

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