• I believe this is coming from SYD-HKG (QF127/128) as that is going to an A380 over the peak Christmas period, which has been customary for at least the last few years

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  • Registration is available on the Qantas website

  • There's one starting today until Feb 25 on Qantas operated flights as per their ASX announcement this morning. More details will be out from midday Sydney time today but it will be for travel from 28 February 2020 to 14 February 2021

  • I guess that's a pretty smart policy on routes where you're the only non-stop airline (perhaps not syd-hkg) where there's 3. So I assume they're testing the loyalty of their business customers vs whether they would pay ~1/3 more to go with Qantas rather than Cathay or Virgin!

  • Hi everyone,I noticed recently that the availability of cheaper business sale fare buckets on Qantas international flights were dependent on the length of time between the outbound and inbound legs. For example, on SYD-HKG, it is only available on trips of at least 3 days, but not if it was 0 - 2...

  • Would it be typical to run 2 sydney to tokyo flights but to different airports? I know its quite common in London and New York, but surely Qantas wouldn't want 2 flights to/from 2 different airports. Quite possible that there could a number of passengers going to the wrong airport for their fligh...

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