• That's a great news! In fact the current CX lounge is a very small and when it's full working or relaxing is very difficult. So oneworld FF will be able to take advantage of  two good lounges (the other one is AA Admirals Club).

  • In my view the timetable is disadvantageous: arriving at Heathrow at 3 pm means long queues for passport control, more if need to go to central London you will incur during rush hour, whichever transport you'll choose the get there. Remember also you have just got off a 24 hours plane from the ot...

  • I would have written the same thing! I'm going to try the new MAS' A380 as soon as MAS will join oneworld.  I hope other big airlines like the gulf carrers will decide to join an alliance, that would expand their network and the choice for FF

  • It would be very important for oneworld to recruit TAM. South America market is growing and oneworld has a golden opportunity to increase its presence. I hope TAM will decide to join the alliance as well as I hope one of the big gulf airlines will choose oneworld, according to Willie Walsh's opin...

  • Please don't make me remembered!!! Even if I shouldn't complain... Wanna talk about Italian airports...?

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