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  • Having flown SQ all over Asia and having had nothing but disaster with Tiger domestically - you wonder how an offshoot could be so disappointing to it's parent. So to my way of thinking - it tarnishes SQ's image. So I think Virgin has a lot to chew on - especially when it comes to keeping cu...

  • Tiger Tales, once bitten!

    Oct 30, 2012, 10:52 AM

    Thanks for the well wishes. I guess the bloke who wrote 'Customer Satisfaction is Worthless' was on to something!

  • Tiger Tales, once bitten!

    Oct 30, 2012, 09:49 AM

    Tiger Tales, once bitten! Has this ever happened to you? On Sat Oct 27th my partner and I were booked on a Tiger flight Mel-Syd returning the next day. We were off to attend my niece’s first daughter’s christening. Unfortunately the child became ill and ended ...

  • Being a Tiger customer, I don't see a real need to join Stripes. For the work I do, I need cheap air fares, and although the Tiger approach is a bit 'hup, two, three, four' which is probably a culture passed down from Singapore, it works. I get to Sydney and back most flights for around 120 bux -...

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