Virgin buys Tiger - what does everybody think about this latest move?

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Virgin buys Tiger - what does everybody think about this latest move?


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Smart and obvious, it alligns virgin and singapore more. Virgin is also now more alligned with Qantas. Allows Virgin to move more away from the LCC market whilst still having tiger to capture that market. Because they would own 60% then wouldn't they have majority voting? If so I reacon they have done the right thing.

Jetstar v. Tiger

Qantaslink v. Skywest

Qantas Group v. Virgin Group.


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Having flown SQ all over Asia and having had nothing but disaster with Tiger domestically - you wonder how an offshoot could be so disappointing to it's parent. So to my way of thinking - it tarnishes SQ's image. So I think Virgin has a lot to chew on - especially when it comes to keeping customers happy, and I don't think it will happen overnight. Jetstar will be hard to roll due to the image problems Tiger have. Just for the hell of it type 'tiger complaints' into google and read on. Good luch Mr Borghetti. 


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I think when as a traveller going from mainline to regional and other connectors, you need to keep consistency.  Qantas have this advantage as the Qantas / QantasLink and JetStar are very well marketed as Qantas affliates.  The issue Virgin are going to have is sell the consistent product, especially between Virgin, SkyWest and now also Tiger.  3 very different products that don't seem to align well or promote the tie-up with Virgin.

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From listening to Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti at the press conference this afternoon, I'm pretty sure that they don't intend to transfer passengers between Virgin and Tiger. Borghetti made oblique references to the confusion and frustration that people have when they hit the "pay Qantas, get  Jetstar" experience.

The Skywest (not SkyWest, which is a US airline) side of things is less difficult: Virgin already uses Skywest to fly its turboprop aircraft, and swallowing the rest of the airline shouldn't pose that much of a consistency difficulty.


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The pay Qantas, get Jetstar is only for people who don't look at the screens when booking. The Jetstar codeshares and Jetstar metal are clearly marked.

Surprising not the same complaints on pay Qantas, get Air France, or pay Qantas, get Air Pacific, both of which can be as bad as Jetatar...

i cnnot imagine they will not codeshare with a fully owned sub on at least some routes.

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Sorry, I was using that as shorthand for the whole set of issues around Qantas-Jetstar. Like certain destinations having no or little Qantas service, or having to make the devil's choice between an inconvenient timing or a Jetstar flight.

Borghetti specifically said no codeshares. Check out the @AusBT Twitter account for the full list of quotes.

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