• Forgive me if this sounds snobby, but because they are open to all and sundry Amex holders the lounges are frequently crowded and not relaxing. I can’t imagine many Platinum card holders, let alone Centurions, would use these not-exclusive lounges when they have other options. 

  • Open for just 2 hours a day…. Goodness that’s a bit cheap!

  • Forgive my cynicism, but sounds like more ‘airline by press release’ from QF. If all three routes end up in the air as planned I’ll be amazed. Dare I ask how many other destination announcements followed by quiet cancellations they’ve made. 

  • Yet another example of the accountant-driven service provided by Qantas. Beats me why Australians continue to support the long-ago privatised business, when there are better alternatives (esp internationally). Perhaps people keep going back to Qantas because they think it will get better and Qant...

  • Perhaps now they can also give passengers paying the highest domestic fares something to use those dessert spoons for... a proper dessert. I mean it’s pretty hard to eat that miserly Lindt chocolate with a spoon. Alas, it seems pax don’t mind paying a lot more for that little Lindt pl...

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  • Thanks Dan22, the equipment has switched from 737-800 to a newly acquired (from KLM) 737-700. These new aircraft are being based in BNE and on speaking to VA yesterday I was told at least one of them will now fly the BNE-CNS-BNE route.

  • I recently heard about VA acquiring aircraft with only economy configurations (heaven knows why they’d want them). Nonetheless, today I logged in to an existing business class booking to check on seating, but was shocked to see the business class cabin was gone… replaced by an all ec...

  • QF points gouging?

    May 08, 2022, 09:09 PM

    What follows seems an innovative new way for QF to burn through the points balances of its FFs...Since late April I've been trying to make an online date change to a domestic J flight. It should be simple, right? But the online system constantly said: 'technical difficulties, please try again lat...

  • Business class snake gone?

    Mar 08, 2022, 01:23 AM

    Has the Virgin snake - that prized piece of nylon so loved by business class pax - been banished? I’ve flown three D class sectors in the last week and the snake was not put up between business and economy cabins on any of them. The FAs didn’t even go near the front cupboard where the...

  • Status extension

    Jan 21, 2022, 01:27 AM

    In my experience QF seem to have a ‘computer says no’ approach to the individual circumstances of FFs. Give it a shot, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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