• realistically, this will be a success if the cost of 'buying' green status credits provides a reasonable way to get a meaningful number of credits to acquire a set of tastefully designed and TSA approved QF monogrammed golden handcuffs for each membership year. If it's futzing around the edges on...

  • Adding it to TripIt, then seeing the little orange coloured dots against dates in the calendar app - there is a great comfort in knowing there was at least one or two flights 'loaded up' ready to go. Then there is the planning of lounges - finding out if there are alliance options, and if so, who...

  • wow, this looks excellent. While they're in the mood for building value in the program, can someone have a word in their ear - plenty of us decade+ platinums would gladly have the golden handcuffs slipped on.

  • seem like an obvious move, to my mind it would be  silly for either of them to release flyers from their golden handcuffs (or platinum, as it were). If we're not flying at all we're not costing money through the lounges.

  • I haven't had problems yet (knock on wood) with the Flybuys/Shell/Coles, fuel vouchers and freebie offers (love it when a chocolate milk flashes up as free) come through without hassle.

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