• This article made me wish there was a voting button for articles. If there is I cant see it, but it would a big thumbs down. Don't agree at all.

  • Chris, I assume Etihad and Qatar have operated this policy in previous years. Do you know if it has had any negative affect on their load factors compared to Emirates for the Ramadan period?

  • iPad Pro: Apple supersizes the tablet

    May 07, 2015, 04:16 PM

    A restricted operating system tablet is not a general use busines tool, an is why ipad sales have slumped as this is not attractive to corporate IT departments, so Apple were unable tap this market. The ipad pro you describe would be a dead on arrival product. Take up of surface pro 3 like produc...

  • First a dislaimer - I have worked all my life in a white collar office role, with no high vis in sight. But I am staggered at the attitude expressed by some toward those who work in harsher environments, need to work in high vis gear to meet safety requirements, and like those who work in an...

  • Qantas trans-Tasman business class

    Feb 15, 2015, 07:33 AM

    Sorry to hear your news Merc. Hang in there and get well soon.

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  • Brilliant idea Serg. I hope you report back to us how this experiment goes. Go for a good self infatling mattress - with the lower cabin pressure it will be awesome!For extra fun try this on LHR to US flight, and you might get to practise your wrestling skills with an air marshall.

  • Best OW lounge in Narita.

    May 02, 2015, 04:38 PM

    Agree with TRB, go for JAL lounge in main terminal. Do not use JAL lounge in the satellite terminal. It is poor.

  • The very short answer is these are booking classes, also sometimes called sub-class, and are used for inventory management purposes. Not fare buckets as most people think - these are a different thing again. Booking class has no effect on the service you receive, only on availability of seats for...

  • Have travelled with my kids as babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary school age  in J on QF, CX, BA, AA, and AY.  Never had any bad experiences, and like all trips, have found it depends on the cabin crew of the day and their mood. CX have probably been the best for staff attitude...

  • I would recommend the wing CX F lounge, and ask for a cabana to freshen up in - they are superb.Given the time of day the BA flights depart (between 11pm and midnight), views of tarmac will be negligible, unless they are arriving at HKIA very early.BA flights usually depart from near QF loun...

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