• Many upmarket hotels in Hong Kong provide this now on a mobile phone that you can use during your stay, including a data allowance for google searches and map directions. I stayed at The Pottinger Hotel in Central a few years back and had this available.

  • I remember passing through this terminal in 1980 with my father on a world trip. Arrived from LAX on a TWA 747 and departed days later to Paris, also on a TWA 747. I remember being in awe of the cavernous transit hall and the 'tubes' to get to the gates. Wow indeed and kudos to the designers of t...

  • A massive improvement on the previous lounge facilities that I visited in March Last year.

  • Tokyo to Aomori on the northern tip of the main island of Kyushu is up to 300km per hour. It's the undersea tunnel that connects Aomori and Hakodate on Hokkaido that has speed limitations for now due to passing (non-shinkansen) traffic that would be blasted apart from the boom of the passing, muc...

  • I flew QR business CDG-DOH-SYD last week on their 777-300ER & 777-200LR. Whilst I would've loved the A380 seat and walk-up bar there really was no difference. The seat was exceptionally comfortable in all modes and whist it didn't havbe direct aisle access like the A380, the gap between the f...

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  • Just watched this bird on final approach to SYD from my office. Wow, truly stunning. It stands out even from a distance.

  • I've always found FF tickets - especially J - almost impossible to get on the North American routes with QF.If the QFF program are the points you want to use, consider CX or even QR to get there?

  • Flight options Perth to Croatia

    Jul 27, 2017, 07:53 AM

    Qatar airways would be my choice. Hamad International airport in Doha is a breeze to transit through and the lounges are amazing.

  • Flight options from Adelaide to Tokyo

    Jul 17, 2017, 01:52 PM

    The new QF J class and seat are up there with the best. BNE is a breeze to transfer through  even with a landside transfer connection only.I did SYD - BNE (Domestic) - NRT late last year and it was great. The new BNE QF lounge is worth it also.

  • I haven't flown either, but  Beijing Capital is actually part of the same parent company (HNA Group) that Hainan airlines is a part of so I guess overall standards would likely be similar to Hainan - a 5 star airline and best of the big 4 Chinese carriers. My suggestion would be to check onl...

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