• If there are any good reporters out there they would be banging down Geoff Dixon's door until they got an interview and ask him about the whole Qantas mess.  I am sure it would be better reading then all the speculation and guess work that goes on at the moment.  All they are is stories...

  • I was at the Brisbane Business lounge on Monday and noticed a new sandwich toaster and I was talking to the guy behind the bar and he said that a new juice bar is coming and that the contract was now being run by Sofitel hotels.  Not sure if that is Australia wide or just Brisbane.  

  • A list of fees can be found here https://www.qantascash.com/why-qantas-cash/fees-and-charges/ In regards to inactivity here is the extract... Monthly Inactivity fee (charged at the start of each month if you have not made any purchase or ATM withdrawal transactions using Qantas Cash in the pre...

  • Well I booked 4 tickets last week for September purely for the experience. 

  • thanks Spentan I will see how it goes

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