• Lucky with the bonus offers. The only ones I get is like $220 spend 4  times and get 10k points. I do have 4 households linked to one card so they prob think we spend heaps on groceries per year. What's the redemption level for EY F? I've always redeemed CX J return Aust-Europe for...

  • Darren, how is it 4 points per $ now? Flybuys is $2000 for 870 points. So isn't it 3.435 points per $?

  • Apr 23, 2016, 11:50 AM

    Not to mention CX regularly releases more award seats closer to the departure dates as well.If booked through Asia Miles programme there is availability to waitlist for flights which is not available if booked through the QF programme 

  • Can I buy Qantas status credits?

    Apr 06, 2016, 10:00 PM

    Jay, the same RTW fare can be booked via CX Asia Miles programme for 110k in Y or 160k in J for up to 25000 miles(no brainer to pick J over Y). 25000-35000 miles is charged as 130k Y/190k J. In addition, CX rules are more lax - they don't count surface segments, only what is actually flown.

  • Domestically I see losers for routes between 600-750 miles and 1200-1500 miles. 600-750: SC reduced from 15 to 10, 30 to 20 Example routes: SYD-ADL, BNE-TSV, ADL-CBR 1200-1500: SC reduced from 20 to 15, 40 to 30 Example routes: SYD-CNS, SYD-ASP 

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  • Also don't forget Cathay is only allowed to fly a total of 70 services per week to major Aust ports (I'm sure ADL is not included in the cap). Hence BNE is lumped together with PER for a total of 21 flights per week (3 daily flights)

  • Actually its the RBA that sets the credit card interchange fees and whether the surchage can be passed onto the customers. A few years back they changed the rules to allow the merchants to charge whatever they want to the customer for the use of credit/debit cards.The ACCC is more concerned about...

  • United States entry clearance.

    Dec 30, 2014, 12:13 PM

    I used this facility when I was at JFK back in Aug (off an SQ flight).I've only had my ESTA for a few months, but I did enter USA with an older ESTA that expired about 2yrs ago. I think I still had to meet the immigration official face to face at a booth, but with fewer questions asked (and also ...

  • You shouldn't have any issues. I was in the US mid-year and I have a rod in my lower leg (no med cert) - I've been checked with normal detectors and full body scanners, and never had a problem - the operator can clearly see it's within the bone and not external. Otherwise you can opt for a p...

  • Kunlun KVB at Level 18, Citigroup Centre, 2 Park Street. Give them a call on +61 2 8263 0188 to find out the latest rates. Ask for a visitor card/pass at lobby desk to get past lobby barriers.I've found them to have better exchange rates than any street foreign exchanges and also the bi...

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