Why does Cathay Pacific only have 11 weekly flights to Brisbane?

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Why does Cathay Pacific only have 11 weekly flights to Brisbane? Sydney gets 4 daily whilst Melbourne gets 3 daily (I think)?


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Let me suggest that you think about your question for a few minutes and I'm sure you will come up with the answer all by yourself.


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Best response on the site.


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This is the best comment I've ever read on AusBT Q&A.



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Basic economics... Supply and demand. 


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so let's start with the following figures

SYD Population - 4.29 mil

MEL Population - 4.08 mil

BNE Population - 2.09 mil

Source - United Nations Data from 2012

Now let's look at flights per week one way (from Aus to Hong Kong only)

SYD Flights - 28 flights per week

MEL Flights - 21 flights per week

BNE Flights - 11 flights per week (including flights via Cairns)

Now let's look at total number of seats

SYD Seats - 8148 seats per week

MEL Seats - 5082 seats per week

BNE Seats - 2662 seats per week

Based on 340 seats for a B777 and 242 seats for an A330

Now let's compare seats per week and population

SYD - 526 people per seat

MEL - 802 people per seat

BNE - 785 people per seat

The higher the number of people per seat than the more crowded the route is and with Brisbane currently less than Melbourne the obvious choice would be to add capacity to Melbourne before Brisbane.

Here are some other Australian (and New Zealand) cities for comparison

ADL - 1291 people per seat

PER - 756 people per seat

AKL - 742 people per seat

These calculations don't factor in that more people want to travel to Sydney from Hong Kong like tourists and business people.


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Also don't forget Cathay is only allowed to fly a total of 70 services per week to major Aust ports (I'm sure ADL is not included in the cap). Hence BNE is lumped together with PER for a total of 21 flights per week (3 daily flights)


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So 11 weekly flights not enough for you? More than one a day? 


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Gosh! What are you guys doing indulging what is a pretty lame question? henrus, thumbs up on the stats! 

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Speaking as a Brisbane resident it would certainly be great if CX had more flights, but realistically from Briz to HK, CX has a daily overnight service and Qantas has a daily daytime service (and vice versa on the return), plus CX's four extra daytime weekly flights that go via Cairns, so if I need to head to HK there's still always a flight that can take me there... and failing that, connecting at Sydney is pretty easy on the transfer bus. :)


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common sense prevails.

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The mind boggles


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I'm sorry I asked such a stupid question. Next time I will think it through better. I was not aware of Cathays 70 flights per week to Australia. I'm sorry


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I think you missed the point...


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Hey afloskar

I don't think you need to be sorry. You has a question, and you asked it. That's what these forums are for. It's a shame that some of the knowledgeable people on here decided to deride your question rather than use their knowledge and experience to help you out. 

Hope you're not put off coming back. 

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