• Melbourne being Australia’s second largest metropolis which includes the fourth busiest route in the world but Qantas can only manage a 10% increase in seating?? An upgrade was long overdue me thinks the additional 10% was hobbled up years ago...

  • True many QFF members are happy to burn their points at full rate without status.My partner recently travelled on QF11 A380 in Premium Y which was mostly empty along with about 10 free seats in J. Right up until the morning of the flight not much had changed when all of a sudden Premium Y was ful...

  • Best thing about this seat is the minimal amount of points needed to upgrade to J!

  • When profit is up 57% you then out your foot on the neck of your customers and squeeze even more.Any update on dropping the outrageous fuel surcharges for an oil price that has long gone?

  • In other international cities they build world class terminals designed to cater for the future; in Melbourne and Sydney they simply upgrade the shops.Can we aim high for once?

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  • It is not really difficult to live stream an event these days :)

  • The more I travel the less surprised I am by the people and (lack of) manners I encounter. I've had all sorts of encounters with fellow PAX that rank from slightly bizarre to downright disgusting.He would've got an intelligent piece of me at the coffee queue let me assure you...

  • Jetstar reclining seats

    Oct 10, 2016, 11:13 AM

    Call it manners but I always have a quick look behind me before I recline my seat to make sure my fellow passenger is not leaning forward, drinking hot coffee with the tray down etc.I've had several people (with status) simply slam back their seat into my face without a word of warning. It is rud...

  • QF9 cancelled for 22/11/2016

    Jul 14, 2016, 12:54 PM

    Nothing wrong with 5 months notice....that is one big charter group! Office raffle for F seats?

  • So 11 weekly flights not enough for you? More than one a day? 

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