• Anything to do with Virgin's reported loss?  They give the impression of being a bit stretched at the moment - lounges are getting a bit scruffy with limited offerings and business class food is sometimes way below Qantas

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  • Flying BA London City To Frankfurt then onto SIN via Colombo on Sri Lankan - separate tickets from LCY and FRA. Given One World will they check my bag though from LCY to SIN?

  • Any way to upgrade an O ticket on Qantas? Client has booked me to Manila and back in economy. The return ticket is not upgradeable with points. Is there anything else I can do to upgrade this without going to the client's travel agent including paying cash? I am a Platinum One FF

  • Do you feel cheated by Qantas Cash?

    Sep 14, 2013, 11:24 AM

    Do you feel cheated by Qantas Cash? No ATM fees in Australia in their publicity really means Qantas will not charge you but the Bank WILL?

  • Both poor - to be avoided at all costs. Small, noisy, uncomfortable and very limited hand luggage. If going to Canberra pick a  QF 737 or VA Embraer Flight. Used always to fly to Canberra on Virgin when they were all Embraers or the odd 737. ATR72s are not good - the Virg...

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