Do you feel cheated by Qantas Cash?

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Do you feel cheated by Qantas Cash? No ATM fees in Australia in their publicity really means Qantas will not charge you but the Bank WILL?


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I find the whole concept of Qantas Cash or the virgin equivalent a bit of a ruse. I understand what they're doing but I really do wonder the wisdom of delineating the FF business from your core product. They're assuming the Qantas brand is strong enough for them to wing it but there is a real risk that they're hollowing it out when it's not focus on the core competencies. 


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Agree - the priority should be excelling at the core competencies and ensuring the primary service delivery - better customer connection by management (totally absent), fixing the booking system, real focus on customer, etc...

Just a personal reaction, but I'm not sure I like my QF membership card being a debit card - surely it makes it more of target for theft?

Think the card is just another way for QF to profit from its membership base by having enormous collective credit and capturing exchange transaction fees.

I'm also intrigued by the security/fraud issue - can't see how you can dole out such items without any personal identification of the card holder.

I appreciate others find such cards useful.


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Oh yeah, the packaging the card came in was ridiculously over the top!

On the upside at least the PlatinumOne card is better delineated than before and I get some new luggage tags!


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I wonder what Qantas would be like if it wasn't floated?

I can't help but feel all this froth is to manage the expectations of short term investors - How ironical! But hey equities is not what it use to be!


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I find it better to use a credit or debit card when traveling ,as currency fluxuates  up or down and you only pay when used ,I do not see the benefits off the Qantas cash card as it only benefits Qantas who want to cash in on the exchange fee's etc hope this helps


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While it wasn't super clear, I think it is standard. Eg Westpac won't charge you for using their cards on a ANZ atm but ANZ will. So no don't really feel cheated. 

I think it's interesting, because its not too expensive and its a good way to lock in rates if that's what you want to do. A lot of banks are doing travel cards like this without the Qantas points. 

Also if you don't want to use this, it really doesn't affect you though right?


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As the card is issued by Heritage who use the Westpac/BankSA/Bank of Melb/StGeorge ATM network, if those ATM's are "free" ?  Its as clear as mud in the PDS that came with the card.


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I have also been in a situation where the airline mistakenly use the Velocity Global Wallet debit card number as my FF number for their system (which accepted it !).

I have to write in to clarify later.


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Cheated? Not really.

Qantas Cash / Virgin Wallet are exactly what I though they would be. Travel cards offering less than ideal exchange rate attracting punters withthe lure of earning points on the spend.

I'd much rather use my Citibank Visa Debit for overseas cash withdrawals (0% forex fees - also Citibank ATMs are quite easy to find, thus no ATM Fees!) and use my Credit Card for any CC purchases (better forex rates than Qantas/Virgin cards, higher point earn, plus insurance and all other benefits of a Platinum Card).

I've recieved both VA and QF cash cards, and both are sitting in the drawer, unactivated. I suspect they'll remain that way and I'll continue to use my "non-cash" FF cards while they remain operational.

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