• First look: Samsung Galaxy Note7

    Aug 16, 2016, 01:35 PM

    I think Australia gets the Exynos SoC based Note 7, and not the Snapdragon 820 version. 

  • Yawn. Announced sometime last year with a 14 month lead time to the competition, and won't start flying (albeit on one aircraft) untill December. I predict VA will trump this by rolling out their new J product on the 2nd of the two new A330s joining the fleet (VH-XFJ would be it).  Can alm...

  • Qantas, Virgin ban Knee Defender

    Aug 27, 2014, 08:38 PM

    Bad planning on your part doesn't make it an urgency on mine. You might have to do paperwork, I might want to sit back and catch a few zzzz's. The seat has a recline function, and the occupant gets to control it, not the person sitting behind. On the occasions when I fly economy, my seat stays re...

  • SriLankan Airlines joins Oneworld

    Apr 30, 2014, 04:11 PM

    I'd be very very surprised if FlySmiles Gold members get access to First Class Lounges in Sydney and Melbourne; considering FlySmiles Gold is OneWorld Sapphire. 

  • Garuda's Boeing 777 Sydney-London

    Jan 24, 2014, 01:37 PM

    QF will start rolling out a "leading" Business product towards the end of 2014 which will finally bring them at par with their regional competitors. To term QF A330's as "rubbish" is hardly inaccurate when you compare them to the competing products. Heck, even their flagship J product fails to pr...

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  • Entering Sri Lanka won't be a problem. Returning to Australia, if you are a Permanent Resident - the 6 Month Validity should not be an issue given you are allowed to reside in Australia indefinitely. If the latter doesn't apply, obtain a new passport in Sri Lanka. Your old passport will...

  • Yup, Suppy and Demand as Robert says. Also pricing to the market. This is why I haven't purchased a ticket ex-Australia for nearly two years now. 

  • Depending on your current flying patterns (especially if it involved a lot of CX flights credited to Qantas) and future booked travel, Cathay may start you off at Gold, or more likely Silver (which still gets you lounge access to CX lounges while flying economy on CX).Also, depending on your flyi...

  • American Airlines buy/bonus miles?

    Nov 26, 2013, 01:40 PM

    aadvantage e shopping mall is currently offering 60 miles per dollar spent on magazine subscriptions via magazines.comAdd on the 2500 miles for $250 spend and you'll end up with 62500 miles for $1000 spent on subscriptions. Works out to 1.67 cents per mile or thereabouts.  

  • CX sends a whole melange of configurations to BKK, old regional J, new regional J, old longhaul business and new longhaul business. BKK, along with SIN and potentially TPE is a route where CX has less than usual certainty of a specific configuration operating a specific flight, and is ripe for ai...

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