Can I transfer Qantas points and status to Cathay Pacific?

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Over Qantas and want to transfer my points and status to Cathay Pacific. Is this usually accepted? Understand points can be used either way but don't want to start from Zero for status with Cathay Pacific.


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Don't think you can transfer points across... If you want to move to Cathay Pacific you will probably have to start from zero.... I'm not aware of any airline that allows points to be transferred. I have only heard of status if there is a status match promotion running but otherwise you would need to start from scratch. Hope the CX program works out better for you!


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You can ring up Cathay and ask for status to be matched. Not sure they will do it, but no harm in trying. They won't transfer points though, as they would be taking on QF's liabilities.


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Airlines generally don't offer status matches within alliances, some kind of no-poaching rule.

You *might* have better luck getting status-matched to a Star Alliance airline and then back to CX, but it's pretty unlikely. If you want CX status you're gonna have to earn CX status.

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Very unlikely to get a status match by all accounts.

You can get complimentary MP gold with an Australian issued Amex platinum charge card, but the annual fee is $1200. Maybe not be an option if you're based in Singapore.


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What is your current status? What are your travel plans into the next 12 months?

A transition strategy does not have to be punitive or complicated. 

Let's discuss...


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Depending on your current flying patterns (especially if it involved a lot of CX flights credited to Qantas) and future booked travel, Cathay may start you off at Gold, or more likely Silver (which still gets you lounge access to CX lounges while flying economy on CX).

Also, depending on your flying patterns, CX may not be the best program to switch to, given the differences in the way different programs award status progression. 

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