• Wonderful!  With this new offer in place, I can go from upgrades not being available on Qantas, to upgrades not being available on any OneWorld airline.

  • Whether A330 or 787, J class would be a major step up since the last time I took a QF nonstop flight from Taipei to Sydney.  It was on a 747SP.

  • Could TG fly the simulator to Sydney and then we could use it here?   :-)

  • On time! On Friday evenings, it was very rare for either QF or VA to be on schedule. I understand the occasional weather or mechanical issues, but usually the cause for delay was "late arrival of the inbound aircraft", mostly because both airlines didn't allow enough slack between flights and d...

  • The title of this article is a little misleading, suggesting that the US has acted unilaterally. As the text of the article indicates, the action is a result of an earlier China action, and only limits China carrier flights to the number of US carrier flights that China authorises. Reasonable ...

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  • Codeshare on DL? Perhaps DL would add BNE and MEL to their SYD flight.

  • PJs in Finnair A350 business class?

    Oct 07, 2015, 06:12 PM

    Hope you enjoy the new A350!  Look forward to hearing your impressions.I was on an AY A340 from HKG to HEL in July, and no PJs.  Service was otherwise excellent, and the lie-flat staggered seat layout very comfortable. 

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