• If only a few passengers were using the AA arrivals lounge, couldn't QF have negotiated a variable per-passenger cost arrangement with AA (presuming it didn't work that way already)? Seems short-sighted to completely eliminate a very useful and beneficial feature of early morning LHR arrivals. ...

  • It is unfortunate that LATAM does not have business class on A320 connecting flights within South America. For the long 4hour+ connection from Santiago to Rio, you have a significant step down from a nice transpacific business class seat to an economy-only A320.

  • Great - until the flight attendant demands that you to pull down the window shade.

  • BA's chauffeur-drive Sydney service

    Jul 05, 2013, 02:49 PM

    There's a big additional caveat in addition to the ones listed in this article.  The F or A class ticket must be purchased after 1 July to be eligible for the limo offer.  Tickets purchased prior to 1 July for travel after, are not eligible.  Seems a ridiculous limitation.  Wh...

  • PJs in Finnair A350 business class?

    Oct 07, 2015, 06:12 PM

    Hope you enjoy the new A350!  Look forward to hearing your impressions.I was on an AY A340 from HKG to HEL in July, and no PJs.  Service was otherwise excellent, and the lie-flat staggered seat layout very comfortable.