Former VA LAX regulars, where are you going?

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Let’s speculate wildly...

With Bain’s acquisition now all but certain, it looks as though VA’s 777s are not long for this world. As has been mentioned in previous threads, with no 787s on order to replace them, it could be some years before long haul flying resumes. When do you think VA will return to LAX? And in the meantime, what are your plans to bridge the gap?


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Isn't it a bit hard to speculate now? With borders to the US not opening any time soon. Likely 12+ months. Nobody will have any idea what airline will be running the route. Or even which airlines may or may not survive. If Virgin sees the demand, they could also pick up some cheap 787's quite quickly.

Nobody really knows at this point.


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Codeshare on DL? Perhaps DL would add BNE and MEL to their SYD flight.


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For all we know VA will be back on the route as demand emerges (could be some time away yet!). Otherwise prob DL for me.


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Did remember reading that Bain and Scurrah were both in agreeance that long-haul international will be a few years off, if ever at all.

Internationally, short haul might return within the next 12-18 months to NZ and Pacific Islands only, pending on "travel bubble" talks once the Australian East Coast and Auckland are able to get their Covid cases/clusters under control.


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I "switched" to Qantas (no flights yet) as I expect they will have a better international network once we can fly again. I was already getting sick of the musical lounges and inconsistency of VA partnerships pre covid. Once the international network was scrapped it was the push I needed to jump.

I did enjoy flying VA so I hope they maintain the things I enjoyed about the airline. If they start doing long haul on their own metal again I might come back.

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