• No they shouldn’t at all. That is completely incorrect. With EDTO180 they could fly the route non-stop but it would be suboptimal, with EDTO330 they can fly it as they do today with the 747 (which also operates under the same rules... the number of engines is irrelevant these days).

  • CASA updated the guidelines and standards in line with the changes from ETOPS to EDTO. Do a quick search for CASA CAAP 82-1(1) and it has all the new updates as of 2015. In line with the above, and the article, QF will have no trouble with these routes using twins.

  • Now open: New York JFK's TWA Hotel

    May 17, 2019, 06:29 AM

    This is awesome. Just amazing the level of detail they have gone to.

  • Virgin to buy back 100% of Velocity

    May 14, 2019, 01:11 PM

    Smart play by AC. They slowly worked out they sold a valuable asset being the FFP base and so the choice was to start a new one, buy back Aeroplan at a premium, or get back the original customer base cheaply by destroying (legally) the Aeroplan price of acquisition. VA cannot afford to buy back t...

  • Virgin to buy back 100% of Velocity

    May 14, 2019, 09:33 AM

    This would be a poor decision. It came back to bite Air Canada who ended up buying Aeroplan back 13 years after they sold it. The QF view that it would be a short term fix should be carefully considered. Also @David: Affinity Equity Partners didn’t complete a buyout with 35% ;-)

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  • Qantas 'volunteer' program

    Dec 11, 2018, 07:59 PM

    It’s not volunteer for free, like some garbage pick up on a Saturday at the beach, it is volunteer your time instead of taking leave over the Xmas period. It has a two way benefit - more staff at the busy time of year at airports, and when it’s quiet in the office those normally on le...

  • I was a doubter but then coughed up when I spotted a small set of two on sale. I use them with my rollaboard and they have made travel so much easier. The small one takes my jocks, socks, and other small necessities, and the larger one takes my shirts, pants and a jumper. I get four nights out of...

  • I wouldn’t risk it. Even if the total allowance is under the 69kg, and you have a J intl flight they will more than likely try and sting you. VA have been hitting platinum and gold members with excess luggage charges lately. As Platinum in recent weeks I had one 24.5kg bag in Y class and wa...

  • Originally Posted by henrus On Noumea flights Qantas sells "half the plane" and Air Calin sells the other half. Both airlines operate different booking systems so they leave seat select separately until 48 hours prior to departure when the two booking systems are merged so at online check-in you...

  • Originally Posted by JBL You don't hear about this much for obvious reasons, but VA have done a good job pinching the top tier CL members, as The Club is a significantly better offering. Interesting you say that as I am aware of at least 3 significant contracts that VA have lost recently, all wi...

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