• Besides Uber & Taxis - what a joke having to pay to pick-up friends & family at the airport unless you ask them to take a long hike past P3.  What's next? Will they start charging people that drop friends & family off at the airport???

  • So... in the past I always used THE WING - it sounds like THE PIER is where I will be heading next time I'm in HKG. Do you know if CX is planning to revamp THE WING eventually?

  • I'm using TripCase - www.tripcase.com - probably not as sophisticate as TripIt  but it works well and it's totally free. Definitely a good alternative if you are after a travel monitoring website & smartphone app combo but don't want to pay US$49 for the service...

  • I really doubt it, they'll want to see a physical card to gain entrance

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    Nov 06, 2015, 10:56 PM

    If the service provider (eg taxi, train, budget airline) does not accept AMEX then you are still covered by the travel insurance, see below from their T&Cs: American Express Not Accepted Cover is effective if You cannot pay the full fare for a Trip on Your American Express Platinum Car...

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