• Congrats on your marriage Chris, and well done on the amazing trip planning, a real inspiration. May it be the first of many happy trips together :)

  • Auckland gets airport-city rail link

    Mar 24, 2017, 07:34 PM

    Can I upvote jrfsp's comment twice please mods? :D

  • Auckland gets airport-city rail link

    Mar 24, 2017, 07:33 PM

    Don't worry, rail to AKL will happen long before 2047. The only holdouts against it now are the current government's inner circle. (Rail to the airport is following the same pattern of denial, delay, arguing and then acceptance as the City Rail Link project did). Developments will be quick once t...

  • Qantas, AA: new checked baggage rules

    Aug 22, 2016, 01:54 PM

    The airline won't care. They just send (or likely sell) the lost baggage.

  • Air Canada to fly Brisbane-Vancouver

    Dec 21, 2015, 08:17 PM

    Nice call FLX, even with the TBIT improvements LAX still has a long way to go. Let's not forget 3) Transfer between terminals generally involves (despite the terminal buildings between contiguous) going outside and walking some way, or catching the shuttle bus. Stepping outside into the heat, no...

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  • Also don't forget the Keikyu Line from Haneda. It runs directly to Shinagawa Station, which is a major rail hub at the south end of the Tokyo Yamanote (loop) line and has nice connections, including the Tokaido Shinkansen. Keikyu trains also run directly to Kawasaki and Yokohama.If your destinati...

  • Best of luck Sk4nder!The passport control delays at NRT have got worse and worse over the past few years in my experience, with luck you can get TTP registered and jump the queue. Real shame as travelling in Japan is always worth the wait... but even better if there is no wait :)

  • Excedrin tablets.If you or someone you know is unfortunate enough to suffer from migraines, they are brilliant.Also second the clothes tips. Another of the many hidden delights of the U.S. is the way that retail bargains can be had in seemingly random regional locations. E.g. Zappos.com has a maj...

  • If it's three hops, also consider MEL-AKL-IAH-CLE with the long leg on Air NZ.Not sure of the flight timings, but the good news is it minimises the time spent on US domestic carriers...

  • Very interesting development. Sounds like Air NZ is going more for point-to-point (especially tourism) traffic on this route and not a tie-up with a local partner as with EZE, IAH, etc.I guess that's why they're using the leisure-oriented 763s rather than the newer aircraft (if they had any spare...

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