• I have always stayed at the Sama Sama. Great hotel, probably 5 or 10 minute walk from KLIA baggage (connected to terminal) but buggies are happy to whisk you and your luggage along.Was upgraded to a crew room one. Bed was wider than I am tall (although not saying much :-) )

  • Take the later flight. DFW is a huge airport (larger than Manhattan Island) and the 5 terminals are only connected by bus, not train. You shouldn't have to wait mote than 10 minutes for a bus but if you haven't been there before you may need to seek advice in getting to the bus stops (last tim...

  • US Domestic Lounge Access

    May 23, 2018, 05:32 PM

    Members of AAs loyalty program are not permitted into US domestic lounges, regardless of class flown. However members of a foreign (QF, CX, BA etc) ow program are: providing they are flying F or J. Status - I think - is irrelevant in these cases

  • The only good (humorous  safely video i have ever seen is QRs Barcelona FC one.This one is so not funny.

  • QF are actually pretty generous with regard to this.Most airlines - BA for one - insist you earn a certain number of status credits each year with no reduction for retention.Their tiers are Bronze (QF silver equivalent) 300solver (QF Gold equivalent) 600Gold 1500LTG 35,000LTS does not existN...