• Qatar Airways to fly to Brisbane

    Mar 27, 2020, 12:25 PM

    But gaining qSuites. Bonus :-)

  • Shame on ow for not making Latam serve their 12 months notice. This could affect a lot of people who have booked the cheapest fares assuming they will get free seat selection (will that be honoured assuming thise seats have already been chosen? I guess not), baggage and lounge access.It certainly...

  • I would suspect you could credit miles to your preferred account. It would be pretty unpopular otherwise!But, as you say, the devil is in the detail. Unlikely to be a simple 1=1 point.

  • Smart move. Will help use up the millions of FFPts sitting in accounts, whilst saving on 'free' OpUps (although of course they will continue, albeit possibly less often).Great way to sample a higher class of a lesser flown airline :-)

  • In Doha owE get access to F lounge. If you want to access the QR lounges, you need to travel in the respective F or J cabins on QR (or arrive that way)

  • If you are on QR J then Al Mourjan is the place. A huge 2 storey area, try walking round it for exercise!There are some lovely day rooms upstairs, just opposite the bar/buffet, if you have a long layover

  • If you are fortunate to get upgraded from J to F on QR you can still only use the Al Mourjan lounge not the Al Safwa. As Joe says, they do check travel class on boarding passes!The Al Mourjan has several day rooms where you can relax, especially handy on a long layover

  • I have always stayed at the Sama Sama. Great hotel, probably 5 or 10 minute walk from KLIA baggage (connected to terminal) but buggies are happy to whisk you and your luggage along.Was upgraded to a crew room one. Bed was wider than I am tall (although not saying much :-) )

  • Take the later flight. DFW is a huge airport (larger than Manhattan Island) and the 5 terminals are only connected by bus, not train. You shouldn't have to wait mote than 10 minutes for a bus but if you haven't been there before you may need to seek advice in getting to the bus stops (last tim...

  • US Domestic Lounge Access

    May 23, 2018, 05:32 PM

    Members of AAs loyalty program are not permitted into US domestic lounges, regardless of class flown. However members of a foreign (QF, CX, BA etc) ow program are: providing they are flying F or J. Status - I think - is irrelevant in these cases