Transit times (QF7 Sydney-Dallas, to American Airlines)

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Hi All,

I am travelling to on QF7 SYD > DFW arriving at 1300 and am waiting to transit to Nashville. I have to collect my bags and check in for a AA flight. My question is, there is a 1435 AA flight or a 1640 AA flight. Do you think it could make the 1435 or not worth risking it?

Thanks in advance.


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Take the later one. If QF7 is delayed even by only 30 minutes, by the time you deplaned and gone through customs you would have missed it. Better to be safe then sorry.


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Not worth risking it. Things like a delay to your SYD to DFW flight, long queues at immigration, security etc. would lead to problems.

You have to drop your bag off no later than 45 minutes before departure for a domestic AA flight. So assuming your flight to DFW was on time that'd give you just 50 minutes to get through arrival immigration and security, collect your bags, queue up and drop them off again. That's cutting it way too fine imo.


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The queues at immigration in DFW can be a real nightmare. Took me 3+ hours to get through - the airport authorities were handing out bottles of water, it was taking that long - made the tv news that night. This was a few years ago though.


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I flew through DFW in 2013 and it was a nightmare. Easily >1.5 hours in that horrible queue. Take the later flight please!!


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Book the later connection. If you are oneworld sapphire or emerald, you can standby for earlier flights. I’ve done this several times before on AA at DFW and the standby has always cleared.

If you do arrive at DFW more than 45 minutes before the 14.35 flight just go to the check in desks and explain that you’re booked on the later flight but want to go on stand by.

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I'd rather be bored for an hour, than to miss a connecting flight and mess up a whole lot of ongoing plans.


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Last time i flew via DFW (i flew business), it took 4-5mins to clear through immigration via the kiosks and the arrival time closer to middle of the day meant not many international flights at the same time. Transfer to domestic was a slightly bigger issue because DFW has many terminals and the train ride may take a lot longer than you think. If you are on the same ticket, they will obviously pop you in the next flight, but having 2:30 hrs for transit in any american airport is always a good thing. Security lines are the biggest drawback!


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If it's on the same PNR then I would book the earlier as AA will rebook you if you miss the connection anyway, In terms of check in and bag drop (again only if on same PNR) then they will check you through in Sydney to Nashville. Bags will need to be collected, however they are tagged to your final destination aso all you really have to do is collect it off the belt and drop at a rather easy drop point. I had 1.40 between flights earlier this year SYD>CLT and had to change terminals and still made the flight


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DFW has really worked on the interchange between QF7 and AA. We do it around 3 or 4 times a year. The actual immigration has really got its act together with electronic passport control, and the transfer of your checked luggage after customs (which isn't bad now) is excellent - you take your bags no more than 100 yards, and they take it and whisk it off onto the AA flight. On the odd occasion we have missed our AA flight, the bags still manage to be on the correct flight. DFW is very good.

Needless to say the return AA flight onto QF8 is even better as no security, no customs and you don't even see you bags. The Skytrain is brilliant.


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If you're on the same ticket through Qantas, you might be able to do the earlier one as you won't have to check in again (just bag drop after customs at DFW, then back up through the TSA lines to get airside and onto the train for the new terminal). Of course, if the flight into DFW is late, or there are delays at immigration/customs (they're usually very quick), or at TSA getting back into the terminal after bag drop, then all bets are off. The train is quick, but it can still add another 10 mins or more to your schedule -- allow at least 20.

If you're on a separately ticketed flight direct with AA, then you have to do the entire check-in process at the AA counters along with everyone else, with luggage and all. Be aware that you may have to exit Terminal D altogether after collecting your bags and catch the bus shuttle between the terminals. I got caught a year or so ago when the baggage carousel got switched off accidentally -- we waited nearly an hour for the bags to come through, and then had to schlep them outside to the shuttle bus waiting area (a not inconsiderable walk), then wait more than 10 mins for the shuttle bus, and then had to go through full check in at the other terminal. My 3-hour window quickly became a frantic rush to make my next flight.

Personally, I'd rather be 4 hours early for a flight in the US, than have a connection of less than 2 hours. And I think the OneWorld rules about no longer checking bags for other flights the same day on a different OneWorld carrier just suck.



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Been there, but transiting to Austin. Wasn't a problem and managed a couple of drinks in the AA lounge then a train journey to the terminal. Made it with time to apare.



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Transit through immigartion and customs was a breeze, but made the mistake of declaring goods (wedding presents) but wasn't too bad. Priority lanes were available.

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The later one. I transit at DFW to NYC around every six weeks. Its an easy airport to get around but you still have to go from the international to Terminal A on the train. Immigration clearance is a doddle as long as you have your ESTA in good standing. Once managed to be off QF7, through immigration and to Terminal A in around 35 minute. The AA lounges in Terminal A are being reneovated so not flash but the terminal aand its eateries are a pretty good place to wait and peiople watch.


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Before you go if you have a medical problem arrange wheelchair assist with QF and AA, if QF is on time, or even slightly late they will have you on your connecting flight in no time. Yanky airlines are very good with wheelchair assist, they will hold the flight till you get to the gate if pushed by an employee.

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