• We now have to work out how to get Lifetime Platinum. Not in my lifetime at 75000 SCs

  • I'm a frequent! visitor to the F lounge and am greeted by staff who know me. My time is variable but i am usually manage about 2 hrs depening on when my appointments are finished. i thoroughly enjoy the experience but sometimes find the place a bit soul- less. I tried Emirates lounge and thoug...

  • Re-branding seems an odd word in that implies similar ownership. Take-over may be more appropriate. Pulman is part of Accor and Pan Pacific is GHA--nothing to do with Hilton. Similar to the Ryges at Darwin airport and Mercure at Geelong which have swapped ownership.

  • Does anyone know what the McLaren logo represents? I do, but does anyone else. I met someone who worked at McLaren who never knew.

  • Very busy every time I'm there, usually late afternoons. Never had the black china nor such large portions. Altogether very rose tinted review.PS. Where are the bar staff? Not self serve!

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  • Travelling in economy with my wife through Dubai in August 2019 and back in October 2019 . I am QP but my wife has no real status. Previously I have had access EK first lounge. Hopefully nothing has changed.PS if you have to change from EK to QF a nominal 2 hour connection is not enough if you...

  • Most carriers go to Heathrow, so if you are planning to go to London first, that is fine and any carrier which gives best value is OK. If you have points with Qantas then you are stuck with OW or Emirates or other partner airlines. I don't think Singapore is one. Personally I try and avoid Lon...

  • Debit card acceptance in hotels

    May 20, 2019, 01:10 PM

    I totally agree, but even credit cards may be difficult. I misjudged payment to cerdit card companies and maxed out on a credit card at a hotel check -in. It would have been OK at the end of the stay. Colleague had to pay using personal card and it took ages to get a refund. So also don't mix b...

  • Qantas Dallas/Fort Worth lounge

    May 08, 2019, 03:09 PM

    I once flew QF8 and went to an AA lounge in DFW. Drinks were by voucher. You got two at the desk. Food very sparse. Same in Austin. Food even worse, peanuts etc. Two drink tickets on entry but barman very accommodating.

  • Cash vs Travel Money Cards

    Apr 12, 2019, 03:42 PM

    All very well for OZZIES but others e.g. NZ, are severly limited in what we can do (unless someone can advise better). Cash Passport + credit card+cash is the best option for me.For business, some cash and credit card is all I require for short trips (week or so), but anything longer options are...

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