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I'm looking for lounge advice in Dallas, departing on QF8 in business. From what I can ascertain from other reviews, The Club at DFW used by Qantas is quite average and AA's Flagship lounge appears to be closed / under construction (or is there a temporary "Premium Lounge" in it's place). Is it worth checking in at Terminal D and then using one of the other Admirals Clubs via Skytrain? All I'm after is a good shower and stiff drink at the end of a long day prior to flying. Thanks.


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When is your flight? Latest reports on FlyerTalk suggest the new lounge should open mid-May sometime.

There is a temporary lounge but it's meant to be fairly average.

I think the consensus for now is the Amex Centurion Club in D (if you have access). Otherwise the recently refreshed Admirals Club in A is also meant to be pretty nice.

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Terminal A lounge is very nice for everything except food as it is very new with good showers.


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I haven't been in the lounge Qantas uses for quite a while but I was in DFW last week doing a domestic hop.

American doesn't have a flagship lounge in DFW. It's due to open in July - amazing given DFW is a key hub for them.

I ended up getting the Skytrain around to the AMEX lounge (I get access via my card). It was much better than the AA lounge - much better. My colleague and I managed to get a good meal in before our late flight and a few stiff drinkies. The Skytrain trip from memory was about 6mins.


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Here's a very recent review - with pics - of the Temporary AA Terminal D Lounge (dated April 13, 2019) which you may find useful. The note of the lack of a current liquor license in this lounge may have some bearing on your choice. Enjoy ..


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Was connecting in DFW in April to QF8. Arrived in Terminal A, caught the skytrain to D, made my way to the temporary lounge to be told there are no showers there and to return to A. The temporary lounge in D is disgraceful and the fact that Qantas associates with such a poor lounge is terrible. Luckily I had plenty of time to continue my skytrain journey and managed to get a shower. On returning to D I sat at the gate and read as it was just as / more comfortable that the lounge.

TL;DR - D lounge is terrible. Only showers in A lounge. Find somewhere near the gate to sit.


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Thanks everyone for your responses. I was there this evening and used the AA Premium Lounge in terminal D. Both BA and QF had a rep in the lounge. No showers, but alcohol at the bar is the one addition to the review that kimshep posted.

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Same problem a while back and I found the AA lounge at Terminal A (or B, cannot recall). Very small but had a decent shower and aforementioned stiff drink. The One World lounge issue at Terminal D is abysmal given it is an AA hub.


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oh no, this brought back bad memories from last Nov before flying out from DFW back to Sydney. The AA lounge in Terminal D is about as bad as the lounge at SFO you access before flying back to Melbourne on the Dreamliner.

I would say the AMEX lounge at D is the go, even if you only have platinum credit card, it is worth it to pay the entry fee at least to have a decent bar and good food - and have a free massage.

The QANTAS LAX lounge alternative at Tom Bradley is miles ahead, it's another better option in the USA.


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At DFW for QF8 last week. Third time in 6 months we had to use (Premium!) Lounge due to reconstruction of Q and AA lounge nearer D22. It is only slightly, and a say "slightly" better than sitting in the terminal. At least the drinks are available and free. Food virtually non-extant - not even "snacks" really. Only two toilets, both with a sign directing you to "more toilets outside on the general concourse" and, as mentioned above, certainly no showers. How they can call this a Premium Lounge defies explanation. All in all pretty appalling. Roll on the supposed May opening.


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Qantas Dallas 'lounge' is as poor as its on board 'first' class offering. Disgrace of a lounge for premium pax. Last time I was there they used paper plates and plastic utensils in the "premium" first lounge and the food was appalling.


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The AA Flagship Lounge (and Flagship First Dining) will apparently open in Terminal D at DFW on May 16 - a long overdue development. It would be nice if QF F pax were to have access to Flagship First Dining, as CX F pax do at JFK, but the food (and champagne) in the 'standard' Flagship lounges is surprisingly decent.



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I once flew QF8 and went to an AA lounge in DFW. Drinks were by voucher. You got two at the desk. Food very sparse. Same in Austin. Food even worse, peanuts etc. Two drink tickets on entry but barman very accommodating.


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Update on DFW lounge situation - apparently the DFW AA Flagship lounge is opening next Thursday 16 May which is awesome news for anyone travelling through DFW after this date (myself included)!


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I have managed to get two F award ticket on QF8 in July (pretty exciting as i can't imagine ever flying in F again). Reading through the comments above I gather that (a) the lounge options are pretty lean at DFW, and (b) we can use the new AA Flagship lounge. Is this correct? - We just bowl up the door with our boarding passes? Is there anything else I should be aware of?

many thanks

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