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    Aug 02, 2019, 04:06 PM

    100% agreed. The QF First lounge cannot come soon enough.

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    Aug 02, 2019, 03:25 PM

    The last few trips on QF I have taken refuge at the BA lounge for a shower and freshen up. To be honest it is a far nicer place than QF when the latter gets busy. Last Thursday night on QF2 being a case in point. Standing room only in Qantas literally. Good work by BA with a nice quiet place to w...

  • Quite right too. Those who earn the right to lounge access by travelling should not have to put up with the free loaders who travel once in a blue moon

  • Have been on the A321T from NY to LA and it was fine.

  • The A321T is one I have used often between JFK and LAX. It's OK. The B737 by comparison is not so good. Happy to try it

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  • Qantas further status extension

    Aug 30, 2020, 10:38 AM

    My travel involves something like 8 trips between Sydney to DFW or LHR every year. So losing SC is a pain but not fatal. As long as there is lounge access at LHR (Gold is fine) and with AA in DFW then all is good. What is an issue is how long QF will mothball their international ops allied with t...

  • Layover in LA

    Jul 31, 2019, 05:15 PM

    Extra point to note is that LA traffic can be very bad so if driving any distance then careful of the rush hour traffic.

  • Layover in LA

    Jul 31, 2019, 05:13 PM

    The beaches close by, In Out burgers for a view of the aircraft and just chill out. Don't bother with Hollywood but if you must then the Dream hotel rooftop bar for lunch. CBD is definitely not worth a visit

  • Personal thing but I eat at the lounge and crash out on the flight. Most frequent lounges are London, Sydney (First) and DFW where they have a decent selection. Otherwise the QF catering on board is good.

  • Last couple of trips via DXB back to Sydney there was secondary screening at the gate.

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