• Sadly, QF has reduced the value of self-paid travel and Club membership over the years, whilst regularly increasing the prices of access to seats, on both aircraft and Lounges. And which actions appear to be the future direction Corporate have chose ... no doubt when the exodus increases itȁ...

  • A notable point: SPG “Lifetime ...” Status achievement is not reciprocal, as the requirement to generate points in the Marriott system remains, and nil activity for two years deletes any Marriott points held.

  • Awaiting QF97 30th Nov, to HKG:  Brisbane's new "enhanced experience" QF Lounge?  Underwhelmed, I was!  The Red Rat, 'armless as it is, has a long way to go to emulate Emirate's and Singapore's offerings.  Fortunately, the cabin crew were superb.   

  • "Ambulant cargo", "self-loading freight" ... saay no more!  No different, really, to the way military personnel are carted around the globe, be it via C-130, C-17, or my favourites Il-76 and the pax compartment in the fin-fillet of the An-124 ... airline seats?  Luxury, I say!

  • Re Brisbane's new locations for some of the lounges, my money's on the BNE Airport Consortium adding even more concessions/commercial outlets in the areas that will be vacated, in order to gouge the infrequent travellers who've not developed a resistance to the money-grubbing purveyors of [mostly...

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  • Tipping at Qantas LAX First lounge?

    Jan 07, 2017, 08:27 PM

    Albeit not LAX, but my recent sojourn in the "new, enhanced-for-members-and-travellers" HKG Sofitel-understaffed QF Lounge was underwhelming, to be flattering!  Considering the cost of Business Clas tickets, and the reduction in service/quality, particularly BNE's cafeteria (!!), I fear that...

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