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    Mar 18, 2015, 04:27 PM

    I voted for HKG on the basis of ignoring the airlines, I love the airport, the lounges, the access to hotels and the city, but when I include FF status and airlines as a factor, I'm quite happy with DXB.

  • I thought the HSBC supplied guess passes were a one off when you got the card initially and not supplied every year.  Certainly, that was the case for me.

  • Is that a power outlet I see inbetween the lower seat cushions at the front on the new economy seats? (Same place as the refreshed A380 economy seats)

  • It's not just about price though. As  MEL based business person, I would much rather fly direct to the US rather than have the hassles of transferring through SYD or BNE (especially where both transfers require bus rides) - having to transfer also adds a significant amount of time to my jour...

  • While I don't have access to the numbers that VA are basing their decision on, I am surprised at them dropping MEL-LAX. With VA's move towards more of a business customer focus, as Australia's second largest city, Melbourne would have (IMO) many more business customers than BNE ever would have.&n...

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