• WA frequent flyers can't even leave the state without permission. No chance of any status credits with flights till sometime next year.

  • Qantas launches Lifetime Platinum

    Jun 21, 2019, 09:53 AM

    As mentioned above move to BA, at least possible to achieve and then you can be OW Emerald for life. Takes 23 years at BA Gold, equivalent of platinum. Too late for me but anyone on P1 already life time gold move to BA.

  • The whole thing defies common sense, of course it was going to be abused. Now they throw out the baby with the bath water. A set of limitations could have saved the pp access for the majority of us the didn't abuse it.

  • common sense prevails, had recent flight where the bags took 3 days to catch up with me, the carry on was a life saver..

  • Brucanna your suggestion is the only logical way of interrupting the rule, stoping people who are staying over night at the airport hotels coming back in for dinner and drinks.

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