• What BA offerring...........? All the others are just Swissport or Priority Plus lounges. BA's Lounge at LGW is quite nice, LHR is looking a bit dated, but they are always better then any other port (except HEL with Finnairs' Lounges). Might have to Visit FCO next Time the Wallabies play the Azzuri!

  • I wonder if they will re-time the QF1/2 to suit? If the 789 from MEL/PER is arriving early morning and departing early morning, would it make business sense to change the 380 to an afternoon arrival and evening departure.It certainly would funnel some pax onto the 789 who need the morning arrival.

  • They already do 'random' bag searchs at the gate to remove liquids above 100ml on AUstralia bound flights anyway, so it probably wont add much of a delay.

  • Bizzare? Its no Different to the Sydney based and Australian Flag Carrier: Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services, not Sydney or NSW Airline.

  • Yes and No! The AA and BA lounge are adjacent, and many of the guests in both are travelling with either airlines. Its a good point I rasied in another thread about co-sharing. I suppose each Airline wants to be able to impart its own spin on things and each customer group has different expecta...

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  • Originally Posted by Vulch Do two seperate bookings? And end up paying extorinate 1 way fares.......

  • 15 days around Germany

    Jan 17, 2018, 07:02 PM

    Couple of Questions:What time of Year are you visiting, as that will very much influence whether driving or leaving the car is a good idea. if its soon, best to leave the car, Winter driving is very difficult if not properly prepared / experienced.Also, why only a 15 day Schengen Visa? Did she ap...

  • Finnair Lounge @ Helsinki

    Jan 12, 2018, 06:59 PM

    Unless you are travelling at a quieter time, when the lovely lady at the desk directs you to the Premium Lounge...... I must say, the decor, saunas and bar service is absolutely impacable!

  • BA lounge Gatwick South

    Aug 18, 2017, 08:17 PM

    It's a fairly nice Lounge and has a great view across Gatwick Airport, but its not going to set the world on fire for being remarkable.

  • Some of you may be aware, but BA have recently inked a deal with M&S to provide User pays meals and drinks on all EU short haul flights from January next year.Curious to see what other AusBT folks think? I am a bit annoyed, but because of the maintaining and building of my Lifetime SC, I will...

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