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  • They also keep the weight down on the delivery flight so it can comfortably make it all the way. So fewer/ no pax or luggage

  • In addition to all the above, I'm guessing you purchased the cheapest economy fare which would presumably come with a bunch of restrictions on changes as well as change fees. The only person/company you could talk to is Amex Travel - the airlines paid them commission so they don't have to deal wi...

  • Originally Posted by madmat777 Still always love the idea of flying on the 747 and sad to see them go. Sitting in the back of F gave an amazing view during taxi and take-off. And sitting in the front of F you could heard the nose wheel skids bring the spinning wheels to a stop in the wheel well.

  • This is a tourist route primarily so the reliability issues of an older aircraft are arguably less important - might actually be a good fit for the ageing birds.

  • Travel suggestions for Helsinki

    Aug 16, 2018, 12:34 PM

    The Helsinki 'eye' (ie, the Ferris wheel) has one car that's a sauna so you can mix saunas and sightseeing :) Also, there is a sauna at HEL with access from the Finnair non-Schengen lounges.

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