• I hope the internatioanl COVID-19 Certificates displays one's full name, because my Medicare card failed to display my full name and makes me worried that I will be denied entry in another country and prevent me to enjoy material freedom overseas and stop getting ripped off by Australians.

  • University academic should be deemed as "other critical and high risk workers", so that we will be able to return international students and save the struggling HE sector.

  • I hope Australia can follow suit and open to Singapore as soon as possible, so that we can go back to where we come from. 

  • I strongly oppose mandatory vaccination for visitors to come to Australia:1. Many people long to travel to Australia and vaccinated with the high quality CSL/UQ, Oxford/AstraZenaca, Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, as their country has yet to order vaccines or their vaccine are inferior, for example Chin...

  • Why Hong Kong is not in the list? There are less Coronavirus cases in Hong Kong than in South Korea, being one of the major trade partner of Australia, why we are not letting people from Hong Kong to escape the evil police into peaceful Australia, as well as those HongKongers (like me) who are st...

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  • It should, otherwise Singapore Airlines will lose a LOT of customers on their own metals.That's why even Virgin Australia is making losses, SIA still have to hang on with that.

  • I would say CX product is a lot better than that on Qantas A380, however for your safety, please do NOT choose Cathay Pacific at this time.I cannot guarantee you will not get injured by police, triad society or protesters at Hong Kong Airport.There is a protest tomorrow at HKG arrival hall. (25/7).

  • No.The Reward-U program under HK Express will cease from 31 Dec and all Reward-U members will instead get 1 Asia Mile for every 8 points.I hope Cathay Pacific will integrate HK Express into OneWorld Connect and become a Business Class only airline.

  • How to access VPN from overseas?I think it is useful to keep track of news at home whilst overseas.

  • Renovations at SYD International

    Jul 03, 2019, 09:39 AM

    No. Departure is quite smooth and there's not a long queue there at SYD T1 as e-Gates are used. However, I cannot guarantee any accidents with eGate breakdowns due to the brutal cuts as Australians elected a wrong government on 18th of May.Security screening wise, they deployed new technology on ...

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