Renovations at SYD International

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Hi All,

I am transiting through SYD in a few weeks on route to BKK, I have 70 minutes between flights coming in from MEL which is normally enough time to transit but with the renovations in T1 has anyone been stuck there longer than normal in the last few weeks? I know on average to QF23 leaves at least 20-30 minutes late most days which relieves my stress levels a little.


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No. Departure is quite smooth and there's not a long queue there at SYD T1 as e-Gates are used. However, I cannot guarantee any accidents with eGate breakdowns due to the brutal cuts as Australians elected a wrong government on 18th of May.

Security screening wise, they deployed new technology on some of the lanes, so those lanes may be slower. Others are as normal as domestic services.


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Always depends on the time of day but my experiences have always been quick and positive much like the result on May 18th. A good positive one for Australia !


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Can we refrain from political pot shots on here, somewhere where we can escape from that is useful. Tech breaks down everywhere from time to time, the e-gates are a godsend 99% of the time


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Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.


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blaird, I don't know if the conditions of your ticket or other considerations allow, but even if the SmartGates aren't an issue, wouldn't it be better to travel on an earlier flight ex MEL and not have to rush? There's no guarantee that your initial (inbound) flight will be on time. You may then just miss a QF bus if that's how you are transferring terminals, and your blood pressure may rise as a result.

I'm excluding the possibility of fog as if for instance that was in MEL and you were badly delayed, it wouldn't just be you missing a stack of international flights departing from Sydney.

The one good thing is that because only JQ in the Qantas group flies nonstop MEL - BKK, it'd be surprising if on most days there weren't 10 or more connecting ex MEL to QF23.

John Phelan

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I flew out on QF 23 SYD-BKK last week. I arrived at the airport just before 7am. I was through check-in, immigration and security within 20 minutes. If anything, it seems to be FASTER now!! (Though apparently it does slow down later in the day.)

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