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  • Renovations at SYD International

    Jul 03, 2019, 10:26 AM

    Always depends on the time of day but my experiences have always been quick and positive much like the result on May 18th. A good positive one for Australia !

  • I would love to see a Mel-Hnl direct on Qantas even just twice week on the days that the flights don't go from Syd. I have taken the Air NZ option and found it a great alternative to Jetstar or via Syd on QF

  • Yes Booked for August and shows 747. I'm hoping it goes back to A330 before then but not holding my breath.

  • For goodness sake they really need to increase the weight to 10kg across all airlines. If it's OK for low cost Jetstar to offer 10kg carry on for a fee you would think anything FF silver and above or Business fare should be 10kg.

  • I do think 7kg is a bit light on. 10kg is ideal from my perspective. depending on the bag it can weigh 1kg or more on its own. I do agree with the post above that if you cant lift it yourself no matter how light then check it

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