• Thrilled to see the Buffet style back

  • Be great to see Lufthansa back in OZ someday.  

  • Can't wait to dust off the passport and will most likely go Air NZ. Be interesting to see what QF do with Lounges and if they turn on the inflight entertainment for the AKL flights as most likely no wifi available across the ditch. I will let them bed this new green lane thing down and try for a ...

  • I thought there was some deal where if you purchased a ticket before your membership year ended an automatic extension of a further 12 months was a given ? My year ends Dec 31st and I have purchased a couple of tickets for travel in May and June. I think it was for flyers whose membership expires...

  • As a once weekly Mel-Syd-Mel pre covid this move sucks. I was lucky that I didn't have cancellations often but on the couple of occasions that it did the service desk was great. Much quicker than calling reservations and holding along with the rest of the lounge 

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  • Renovations at SYD International

    Jul 03, 2019, 10:26 AM

    Always depends on the time of day but my experiences have always been quick and positive much like the result on May 18th. A good positive one for Australia !

  • I would love to see a Mel-Hnl direct on Qantas even just twice week on the days that the flights don't go from Syd. I have taken the Air NZ option and found it a great alternative to Jetstar or via Syd on QF

  • Yes Booked for August and shows 747. I'm hoping it goes back to A330 before then but not holding my breath.

  • For goodness sake they really need to increase the weight to 10kg across all airlines. If it's OK for low cost Jetstar to offer 10kg carry on for a fee you would think anything FF silver and above or Business fare should be 10kg.

  • I do think 7kg is a bit light on. 10kg is ideal from my perspective. depending on the bag it can weigh 1kg or more on its own. I do agree with the post above that if you cant lift it yourself no matter how light then check it

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