• Had the privilege of flying CGK-LHR in F. What an excellent experience. It's sad that they can't make this work.

  • Garuda's service is really good and their seat is reasonable. SQ seat is better, but it requires some work to change the seat to a flat bed, which is a bit inconvenient. On a GA plane, I simply adjust the seat whenever I feel like it.

  • Thanks. I recently flew with Garuda Indonesia and used their Bid Upgrade program. I earned business class points for my trip.

  • When upgrading by cash, will the passenger earn points in the equivalent of flying in business or in economy? How about earning points for other *A airlines?

  • Review:

    Aug 20, 2015, 12:07 PM

    A very thorough review. I enjoyed reading it. One thing, is this statement correct, "the well-padded seat is a generous 21cm wide between the sidewall and the armrest facing the aisle"? Should this be 21 inches instead?

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