• "Photos of Virgin's new Adelaide lounge sighted by Executive Traveller..."But not used in the article. Weird...

  • Disappointing they’re going back to a proprietary charging cable. Means I’ll need a minimum of two cables - one for power, one for an external screen. Thunderbolt ports were a much better option.

  • Asking adults to get the name of the New Zealand PM correct is highly commendable actually. Should be more of it.

  • Airlines could simply increase the leg room by another few inches. Premium economy is far closer to economy than business in product, but is often closer to business than economy in price. All premium economy is these days is what economy used to be thirty years ago. 

  • If you want to describe your seat as a "sleeperette" you're going to have to do better than a 38 inch pitch and 8-10 inches of legroom. And you're biggest selling point is the colour scheme?!?!?Geez, talk about over-promising and under-delivering! 

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  • Alternatives to AMEX after April 2019

    Dec 06, 2018, 08:04 AM

    Originally Posted by djtech After the changes, the earn rate on many Amex cards will change as well. Amex Explorer will earn 2 MR points converted to 1 airline points per dollar. Amex Platinum will be adjusted to earn 2.25 points on ALL purchases which gives you 1.125 airline points per dollar.T...

  • Velocity used to be really good, but availability dried up around the same time the new Business Class was introduced. QF seems to be the much more useful rewards scheme these days.

  • Australian Financial Review subscription - $628Travel credit - $450Accor Plus membership - $395Free night at Accor hotels50% dining at Accor hotelsGood travel insuranceAn increasing number of Amex airport loungesPriority Pass - US$399Assuming you place value on the above, it's actually not too bad.

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