• Although I use the Qantas First lounge in Sydney, I did check out the American Express lounge. Very nice. What gets up my nose is that if there's no airline lounge in several cities, holders of Australian issued cards can't have access to American Express lounges in the USA without paying quite a...

  • "Awesome" means inspiring awe. A business link between companies does NOT qualify. To some customers this link may be beneficial, valuable, a saving of time, money and/or points, etc, but "awesome" it certainly is NOT.

  • Think I'll stick with BNE - SIN - LHR on the A380, thanks. When's it going to be replaced, and then, with what? (Also, I'll forget "Sunrise" and go BNE - LAX - ORD. The thought of being squeezed for an extra 4-5 hours in a 787 would have me pawing at the carpet. As for non-stop to New York - eeeeeh!

  • Points for the dearest petrol in the land and my car uses 91, giving fewer points. That and the fact I spend less than $300 in a year on petrol, I think I'll stick with my current petrol station and its always cheaper prices.

  • I'd readily go to the Cathay lounge. I've never been to it in Sydney, but in London it beats the life and death out of all the Qantas lounges. Staff in the Qantas lounges there seem not to care about customers. In Sydney, staff also seem frustrated with the environment in which they have to work....

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  • Qantas 747 Business Class

    Feb 11, 2020, 12:59 PM

    I used love 14A or 14K in the "olden days". It was the exit row so you had a mile of space in front of you. Now I travel on the lower deck, hopefully in my "favourite seat" there (for the last time). I have to carry my luggage when climbing the stairs (I did in the past, too), but when age wearie...

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