Why Canada does slow travel best

Discover Canada's slow and quiet side in 2022.

By Staff Writers, November 11 2021
Why Canada does slow travel best
Executive Traveller x Destination Canada

Long loved for its high-octane outdoor pursuits and dynamic urban centres, 2022 is the year to get to know Canada’s quiet side.

Immerse yourself in tranquil wilderness and colourful seasons, and discover the simple joy of connecting with salt-of-the-earth Canadians who can’t wait to share their special corner of the country with you.

From forest bathing to leaf peeping and meandering road trips, read on for three ways to discover the art of slow travel in Canada.

1. Forest bathing in an ancient grove

It might sound like hippy-talk but nature therapy is fast becoming the next big thing in mental health and wellness.

Also known as ‘ecotherapy’, the practice of simply retreating into nature and quietly observing what you can hear, see, smell and touch, is a powerful remedy that can quiet the mind and boost positivity.

In theory, nature therapy can be undertaken anywhere there’s a patch of grass.

But like most things in Canada, forest bathing takes it to the next level, with old-growth forests, untouched wilderness and panoramic vistas that instantly render your brain blissfully speechless with awe.

Join Brian Johnston as he takes a slow, healing stroll through an ancient, temperate rainforest on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia and discovers the unsung powers of stroking a velvety mushroom and melting into a bed of moss, as a musky breeze fills his nostrils with the delicious aromas of wild berries, herbs and thriving earth. 

2. Leaf peeping – Canada style

Autumn in Canada is considered nature’s last hurrah before the onset of winter. And it’s a party you don’t want to miss. The vibrant tapestry of blazing red, yellow and burnt orange adorns the eastern Maritime provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia throughout October.

It’s an idyllic postcard come to life as fiery, rolling hills alight with scarlet leaves frame idyllic blue waterways, dotted with lighthouses, fisher boats and kayaks.

Take a slow drive through Nova Scotia where trees, such as maples and red oaks, cover almost 80 percent of the province, and notice how the simple act of ‘leaf peeping’ connects you with the locals who are eager to show off their glorious annual masterpiece and share with you the best vantage points.

Read on to discover why Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island serves up an autumn palette worthy of Monet: Leaf Peeping in Canada

3. Little drive on the Prairies

Forget about flying from coast to coast. A quintessential Canadian road trip is a true bucket list adventure that can take you past glacier-fed peaks, through picturesque communities, historic sites and big-sky prairies.

Rather than being defined by your destination, meander across the world’s second-largest country and allow Canada’s changing topography to enrich your journey, minute by minute. Set your cruise control to ‘slow’ and keep your eyes peeled for roaming wildlife, from antelopes to grizzly bears and everything in between.

Come along on a road trip from Calgary to Winnipeg, as we journey from the lush shores of the Bow River to the big sky country of Canada’s prairies, dotted with lakes and butter-yellow fields of canola.

Welcome the Arctic breeze through the open window and allow the gentle purr of the engine to lull you with a pervading sense of peace that you know will remain long after the journey is over.