Woolworths to cap Qantas Frequent Flyer points on petrol

By Chris C., December 13 2013
Woolworths to cap Qantas Frequent Flyer points on petrol

Woolworths and Coles will clamp down on supermarket fuel discounts from the beginning of 2014, creating a knock-on effect which will limit the number of Qantas Points which can be earned at the pump.

Everyday Rewards members can currently opt to earn Qantas Points in lieu of fuel savings, with the earn rate calculated by halving the ‘cents per litre’ figure – which delivers 22.5 points per litre in the case of a 45 cents per litre voucher.

At the high end, a typical 50 litre refill would earn 1,125 points, while still reeling in 500 points on a 20 cents per litre voucher.

However, the supermarket chains have caved to pressure from the ACCC to cap supermarket fuel savings to four cents per litre – or in the case of Woolworths Everyday Rewards, two points per litre – from January 1 2014.

Given the conversion rate, the new year will see frequent flyers earning just 100 points for that same tank of petrol.

While shoppers will still pick up fuel discount vouchers on their grocery spend, the changes bring an end to a previous savings bonanza where discounts of up to 45 cents per litre were not unheard of.

The ACCC affirms that while additional targeted fuel savings may be offered (and funded) directly through fuel retailing operations, discounts offered directly to supermarket customers in the new year won't exceed 4 cents per litre.

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Chris C.

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