World's largest model airport: Knuffingen, Hamburg

By danwarne, May 12 2011
World's largest model airport: Knuffingen, Hamburg

If you travel often -- as most Australian Business Traveller readers do -- you'll have spent plenty of time gazing out airport windows at aircraft movements on the tarmac.

But getting that perfect position in the lounge to get the broadest view of the tarmac is always difficult -- especially with many airport lounges running at capacity.

Now, you can get a bird's eye view of an entire airport and its surrounds at the Hamburg Miniature Wonderland, the world's biggest minature city museum.

The model, called Knuffingen Airport, is based on Hamburg's real airport, and features planes that take off and land realistically...

... support vehicles that drive around the tarmac servicing the planes ...

... and aerobridges that are slowly manoevered by their operators to planes as they dock at the gate.

Extraordinary attention has been paid to detail: there are skid marks along the run way where planes land, and petrol tankers indicate with their blinkers which way they're going to turn.

The airport even goes into night mode, with aircraft windows and the terminal casting a glow onto the midnight-blue tarmac.

The video below gives you a spectacular look at the "work in progress" Knuffingen Airport as it was being built and tested.

The model airport took six years to build, and cost €3.5 million (A$4.6 million).

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