3G/Wi-Fi pocket hotspots on sale for $39.50

By danwarne, August 19 2011
3G/Wi-Fi pocket hotspots on sale for $39.50

IN BRIEF | If you're heading off on a trip soon, and you haven't yet sorted out your internet access, consider picking up one of these Pocket Wi-Fi modems, currently on sale at Dick Smith for $39.50.

It takes a 3G mobile network signal, connects to the internet, and provides you with a Wi-Fi hotspot that you can connect up to five devices to, such as your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

The particularly good thing about this modem is that it can connect to 3G at three radio frequencies -- 850MHz, 900MHz and 2100MHz -- which will allow you to connect to just about any mobile network in the world (the main exception being T-Mobile USA, which uses a 1700MHz signal.)

We wouldn't recommend using the Vodafone Australia network with it, as its speed and coverage has been so bad lately that the telco is replacing its entire network.

However, if you unlock the modem from the Vodafone network, you can use it with practically any 3G SIM card worldwide, including Telstra prepaid mobile broadband SIM cards in Australia.

The unlock will cost $75, provided you do it online through vodafone.com.au/unlock.

The combined cost of the modem, therefore is $114.50 -- a bargain!

If you need help with choosing a SIM card for a country you're travelling to, check out our recent coverage of the best SIM cards for travellers. Whatever you do, don't use global roaming for your internet access!

You can buy the Pocket Wi-Fi 2 modem from Dick Smith's website.

Ooh, this looks interesting. I'm off to Europe in just under two months and haven't sorted anything out yet. Will look into this one :)

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as well as offering Wi-Fi this model also works as a tethered modem via USB, can be handy

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